Gathering evidence of demand

The team has been busy preparing all the documentation we need for our presentation to the Department for Education in September. The New Schools Network has really helped here, with advice and sources of data. It is very good to feel we are being supported with advice from experts.

A key part of the submission to the DfE is ‘evidence of demand’. This means we need to have as many students as possible who have registered an interest in the school. The most important age group required is students currently in years 8 or 9 in high school. Either the students themselves, or their parents, can register their interest on this website. However, this does not commit them to anything.

The team is hoping to distribute leaflets at several local venues such as supermarkets. We are also delivering flyers to as many homes in the Chester area as possible although we know we won’t be able to reach everyone that way. Today we delivered about 450 leaflets to homes in Elton.

We have also arranged a public meeting at Mollington and Backford Village Hall, Station Road, Backford, Mollington, CH1 6NT at 7.30pm on Wednesday 28th May. We hope that as many people as possible will attend. It is a chance to meet the team, hear about our vision for the free school, and ask questions. We are expecting Stephen Mosley. MP for Chester, to be there. He has been a very important source of support for us.

We would like to thank everyone who has registered interest in our school so far, and we’d like to ask you to spread the word about our free school to as many people as possible. And don’t forget to ‘like’ us on facebook!

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