Careers and Guidance

Shining a Light on Opportunity

Underlying Principles

1. All students need the skills, understanding and information to enable them to make considered educational and careers decisions which are consistent with their abilities and needs in the context of a complex and changing world in which:

  • careers are no longer dictated by single choices made at an early age, but by a range of choices and transitions at a variety of ages;
  • higher education choices are becoming harder because of the number of courses and the various combinations available in an every-increasing number of institutions.

2. Guidance in progression cannot be the province of a single team working in isolation, but must permeate all aspects of student provision, involving the work of the teaching departments and the Support teams. It must be reflected in the Mission and Strategic Plan of the School and have the support of the whole Senior Management Team.

3. The school must develop links with higher education institutions and with industry in order to:

  • enable our students to acquire the skills and information needed to make considered decisions regarding their choice of courses, and our staff to offer valid and up-to-date guidance;
  • encourage the development of enterprising young people, improve and add to their understanding of business and industry, and encourage employers to involve themselves in practical partnerships within education.


Students throughout their stay at the school have the right to expect informed, impartial, supportive and timely guidance and counselling which covers:


Presenting or giving students access to impartial information and assisting them to gain first hand experience.


Helping the student to choose the most appropriate option.


Working with the students to help them clarify their career aims and tackle any difficulties.


Using informal and formal assessments to help the students understand their personal, social and vocational development in order to make good choices.


Supporting the students in dealing with complex or difficult information and in making applications to employers, colleges or other agencies.


Negotiating on behalf of the student.


Using data to show students the range of alternatives available.

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