Groundbreaking Opportunities that Inspire

We intend to offer the A level curriculum four days a week, with one day (or two half-days) devoted to a varied and rewarding enrichment programme. There will be a wide range of innovative enrichment opportunities, both within the STEM curriculum and beyond. Students will be offered the chance to participate in a problem-based learning course in medicine, similar to courses used in undergraduate medical teaching, that will develop their transferable skills in chairing meetings, making presentations, researching information, framing and testing hypotheses, and team work. Visiting academics from universities will deliver talks and workshops. Students will participate in project work, such as the Young Engineering scheme.

Additionally, students will be encouraged to take the Extended Project Qualification in order to develop and demonstrate their ability to work independently in an area of research which excites them and which will demonstrate the depth of their understanding either within or beyond their chosen A Levels.

Work experience, community service and participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award will be encouraged. In addition our students will be expected to participate in their choice of a variety of performing arts activities, including drama and musical performances; playing in music ensembles; composing and performing their own music, and organizing concerts; visiting the theatre; and developing an appreciation of techniques used in film-making and in other media. Debates will run on a regular basis, and sessions will be organised to inform students about important issues, such as ethical issues in science, religion and politics. We aim to challenge students’ thinking by questioning popular and prevalent viewpoints, evaluating evidence and presenting arguments.

Preparation will be offered for admissions tests that may be relevant to some students, such as UKCAT and BMAT. Students will be encouraged to participate in external project work, for example, Nuffield Bursary Projects, genetics workshops at venues such as Nowgen, and medical research projects with local academic clinicians. We expect to develop international links to allow interested students to carry out genuine scientific research with universities or colleges elsewhere in Europe and beyond.

Students will be encouraged to develop skills in film making, music recording and other media. Initially, the college will liaise with local sports clubs to offer students opportunities to participate in sports and, where applicable, join teams. Once the college is established we hope to develop some sports teams within the college.

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